a folding electric bike hanging on the wall.

Welcome to Buzzing Bikes!

Welcome to Buzzing Bikes! We are a small team of friends who started our online Guide and eCommerce Store when we realised how difficult it can be to find a suitable eBike or eScooter. We give thorough but easy to understand reviews on eBikes and electric vehicles in general.

It started a few years ago; when a friend and I were looking to get an eBike, the choices were overwhelming.

Should I go for 250 W motor? If so, should I get a hub or crank powered motor?

Why are so many eBikes more expensive than others?

How can an eBike cost more than a Motorbike? and if so…

Does more money mean better quality?

If I get a more powerful one will the British Transport Police Confiscate it?

How far can I go on a single charge? If it runs out of battery, can I pedal it without killing myself? How long does it take to re-charge?

Can I find a happy medium between off-road and tarmac use?

Are they safe? Do I need insurance or a license?

“We have gone to great lengths to curate a cherry-picked selection of bikes that have been tested for quality and suitability and durability, without costing more than a Honda Fireblade!”

Christopher Stone, Co-Founder Buzzing Bikes

Unfortunately, there are too many people who get “sold” an eBike or electric scooter in stores or online only to find it not man enough for the job. Many figures are misleading, ratings often over-exaggerated, as are performance specifications and that is without the problem of many products that get packaged with poor quality gears, poor quality batteries or speed controllers that burn-out within weeks or even days.

Two folding fat tyre bikes ready for testing!