Hoverboard Ban

Hoverboard Ban, What you need to know!

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The hoverboard ban can seem crazy at times and to some, it makes perfect sense. In this article, we will attempt to navigate the muddy waters of this complex issue and answer as many questions as we can think of to keep you informed about any decisions you make about them and things you can do to support the cause!

How did it come about and when did it all start?

In October 2015 they were outlawed by the Crown Prosecutions to which Boris Johnson said was “Ludacris and Nannying”, there is a CITY AM Newspaper article covering this here.

The law is outdated?

Highway Act 1835 Is Not Ideal For Any Vehicle
Highway Act 1835 Is Not Ideal For Any Vehicle

The Highway Act 1835, which forbids riding vehicles on the pavement, says that offenders can be fined anywhere up to £500 plus any damage that they cause while riding; realistically, the fine is likely to be lower.

The law is outdated by definition as it was written in 1835, and many MP’s agree with this as well. The law in Scotland is more up-to-date but enforces the same rules, leaving Scottish hoverboard uses no better off.

What vehicles were we using in 1835? What would a hoverboard look like in those times? It is no wonder most Police officers take no notice of people riding hoverboards today. Like we said in our article about the Laws and Loopholes for people riding e-scooters, just ride responsibly!

James – Buzzing Bikes.

Can we use Hover-boards on cycle paths?

Hoverboards are not allowed on Cycle paths either, however, if there are lots of cyclists around you then unless your hoverboard can hold its own in a busy cycle lane then again it is best you just choose the route you feel most comfortable with.

Having to carry them, How much do hoverboards weigh?

Hoverboard Carry Case
Hoverboard Carry Case

Hoverboards are relatively light, about 10 kg, which may sound a lot but they are very well balanced by design, and the shape of them makes them very comfortable to carry, especially when used with the hoverboard bags!

Are hoverboards dangerous at speed, we need to exercise caution, be responsible?

No, they are not. Within 5-10 minutes the average person adjusts to the way the hoverboard moves around and gets a “feel for it”. The rider begins to be very intuned with the way they are driven.

What can we do to change things?

Start a petition at Change.org, but first before you do; check to see if there is an existing petition which already has your concern covered! And then share with as many people as possible! Also, check the comments section below to see if anyone has posted any petition related.


I use my hoverboard all the time, thankfully the Police see I am riding responsibly, and being in central London are rather preoccupied with drugs and knife-crime. It is still advised to ride responsibly and do our best to help each other with confronting outdated laws, especially when they don’t serve us well.

As always don’t forget to tell us what you think, also let us know if you have suggestions or concerns, if you think we have left anything out, please engage and help us out by leaving comments in the comments section.

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